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Fast Crypto Swaps, Free of Custody. All blockchain.


Fast crypto exchange

The average time for exchange is about 5 minutes. You can track the progress on the exchange page.




Buy with FIAT

Limitless exchange

You can start from less than $2 and swap as much crypto as you want – there is no upper limit


Choose currency

Pick one of 50 000+ supported currency pairs from the list

Make deposit

Confirm details and send your assets to the generated address

Get your coins

Receive exchanged crypto with the best possible rate


Non-custodial platform

Undercity retains your privacy and guarantees security. We are a non-custodial exchange service: 

  • We respect your privacy
  • We don’t control your funds
  • We don’t force you to sign up
Testimonials —

Trusted all over the world


Great exchange, clean UI and fast order execution.

George Keller

Been in the Cryptos space for a while and have not seen this level of support anywhere. If your faith is wavering elsewhere, use Undercity as an exchange.

Jhonny Lytle

Very fast exchange. And I didn’t have to submit any documents! Great service!


Made an exchange from btc to xmr last night. Took a little bit longer than expected, was even worried for some time. But received more xmr than it was shown in estimate. Not much, but that’s a good thing nevertheless. Probably rate changed a little while I was waiting.


Thanks! I first used your service (exchange LTC on ETC) and be pleased with the simplicity and speed of work

Fred Yurlis

My exchange took 1 hour to get processed and I got even more coin than I expected. Good work!

Eugi Ewschen
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UNDERCITY is a simple and fast instant cryptocurrency exchange service. You do not need to register, and your exchange will have no limits. We’ll quickly convert more than 170 coins for you without charging any additional or hidden fees.

UNDERCITY EXCHANGE is integrated into multiple cryptocurrency trading platforms, including Binance, Bitfinex, Huobi, OKEx, and Kucoin. At the moment of the trade, we’ll choose the best exchange rate on the market at any given moment and offer it to you.

Created by a team of experienced blockchain developers, UNDERCITY is a fully secure service with a twist — we’re completely registration-free. This allows our clients to avoid identification or financial theft. We offer the best rates on the market, as we use reliable cryptocurrency trading platforms.


The processing speed ranges from about two to twenty minutes, depending on how long it takes for a block to happen in the network. Most orders process in just a few minutes. If the transaction is large (more than 1 BTC or equivalent), processing it may take a little longer, depending on the size of your transaction and the capacity of the block. We boast the highest exchange speeds on the market thanks to our revolutionary trading algorithms.


Cryptocurrency wallet address is a unique combination of numbers and letters ranging from 26 to 35 characters in length. It usually looks something like this: 17bkZPLB4Wn6F347PLZBR34ijhzQDUFZ4ZC.


When you decide which crypto coin you would like to acquire, find a reliable wallet. Each cryptocurrency has an official one. When you create a wallet, you automatically get an address and a private key. Keep your private key to yourself and don’t show it to anyone, even if they ask.

For security reasons, we will never ask you for your private keys and nobody should.


Here at UNDERCITY, we believe that the best crypto exchange service has to provide favorable terms of transactions, stay honest and transparent, and essentially make life easier for crypto users. We strive to meet that criteria.